NANCY HOWELL Calligraphy, Lettering, Illustration

Here you'll find lettering and illustration for book covers, CD packaging, wine labels, web sites, logos, advertising, and display.

Title lettering for Jan Brett's latest, a retelling of the classic Cinderella tale. Imagine my surprise when I saw it used on her tour bus! She traveled with her prized chickens on the book tour! (Penguin Young Readers) Sexy monoline script for this mystery by Margot Berwin. (Design: Emily Mahon, Pantheon) Logo for Julie Sabatino, fabulous wedding fashion stylist. I'm so proud to be on the cover of this gorgeous wedding ideas book by Matthew Robbins. (My lettering that is.) (Design: Thuss + Farrell, Stewart, Taboori & Chang) The title lettering on this bestselling young adult novel was meant to look like the main character had written it in magic marker on a photograph. (Design: Lucy Ruth Cummins, Simon & Schuster) Illustration and monoline lettering for Mark Donato's CD, A History of the Boys and Girls. Design by Mark Lerner at Rag & Bone Shop. Exceptional stationer Cheree Berry asked me to write headings for her company's new exciting web site. I wanted something wedding-y but with a little fun and quirkiness too. I ended up with a style I call Exuberant Copperplate. I designed the lettering for the neon sign of NYC's downtown hipster hangout, Schiller's Liquor Bar. This was a first for me. The Fortuny exhibition at the Queen Sofía Spanish Institute needed a family tree of the illustrious fabric and fashion designer Mariano Fortuny. (While I was there seeing the exhibit, I saw Tim Gunn! I followed him around, eavesdropping, while he told his friends about Fortuny's work.) Exhibit design by Stefan Beckman. It was complicated! For the set of  Nancy Meyers's romantic comedy, I did menu boards for Meryl Streep's fabulous, sunny bakery in Montecito, California. Except that it was actually in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, in the middle of February. Lettering done for The Nightingale-Bamford School. Lettering for J Crew men's catalog. Adorable models at the photo shoot. Logo for Quill, a California vineyard. Wine bottle labels are some of my favorite hand lettering. Logos, monograms, and spot illustrations Logos and spot illustrations Graffiti. Wow, way harder than I thought it would be. (Design: Mark Lerner, NYU Press) Heidi Swedberg, ukelele teacher and recording artist, asked for an owl and pussycat illustration for her song about the romantic duo. For this mystery novel, I had to do lettering like a woman kidnapped and locked in a closet for a long time. (Design: Lisa Fyfe, Henry Holt & Co.)

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