NANCY HOWELL Calligraphy, Lettering, Illustration

Examples of the wackier world of lettering.

A favorite Oscar Wilde quote for a bass player I know. Nate Berkus gives Oprah a hostess gift of my calligraphy. These keepsake trays are a lovely way to give a family recipe to someone special. For Rebecca Miller Ffrench’s gorgeous cookbook, “Sweet Home,” I lettered and illustrated a favorite recipe and it was then transferred and printed onto a ceramic serving platter at Oscar Ballot, designed with Mark Lerner of Rag & Bone Shop. Michael Pollan’s famous dictum on how to eat. In wire. Baby shower fun. Guests sipped cocktails from these bottles. (With straws!) Promo piece, letterpress printed by Elizabeth Hubbell Studios. Election night celebration. He’s American as apple pie.

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