NANCY HOWELL Calligraphy, Lettering, Illustration

I love making maps! Maps help your guests get to your event, but they also let you play tour guide by featuring your favorite places. Sometimes I hand watercolor each one for a special one-of-a-kind look.

Santa Barbara and vicinity. This wedding map was large, but folded small and tied with cord. Detail with tacos and beer. Manhattan in all its glory. Museums, restaurants, parks, even King Kong on the Empire State building. Watercolored. Main Street Phoenicia. Yes, that's pretty much the whole town, complete with bears and Davy Crockett statue. Created for the Phoenicia Business Association. Map for a wedding in South Africa. I never drew ostriches on a map before. I love the navy printing on this one. French Quarter, New Orleans. Joe and Jason's map for their Kennebunkport wedding. Having an inset helps to show both a small detailed area and the larger scope of the area. This Boston wedding map shows hotels, wedding venues, and lots of fun local tourist destinations. This Bermuda map was placed in gift bags in guests' hotel rooms. It gives a basic layout of the Island. London map with inset of southern coast. I insisted on adding Abbey Rd. East midtown Manhattan. Shopper's paradise. This tall map of the Potomac was folded twice. It included 3 insets: Rock Creek park, the mall in Washington DC, and Fort Washington, Maryland.
The reverse side listed events in all three locations, including a White House tour, and a bike ride to an old-time Seersucker Social.

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